3 Ways Personal Loans Can Defeat Inflation

Inflation is the ‘effectively camouflaged’ problem that’s been people’s finances every year. It’s estimated that inflation rate is ballooning every year, leading to gradual price hikes for all products. You may not feel it now, but you’ll definitely complain later.

That can of beans will be out of your shopping list in few years’ time. Fortunately, we’re equipped with many strategies that can combat inflation. One of these strategies is a foreigner loan application.


How can a loan marginally save you from inflation? Check out these 3 viewpoints:


Personal Loans Can Fund an Idea

Wise borrowers understand that personal loans can be used as ‘fuels’ for ideas. This could be a business, an income-generating project, a micro-investment, or the sole initiative of learning new skills. If you use a personal loan for any of these purposes, you’re leaping ahead of inflation. While there’s no guarantee that your idea can be the next big thing, there’s still a fighting chance. So, work on your idea. Use the loan as a working budget, then do everything to improve your idea’s key concepts.


Personal Loans Can Be Used to Secure Assets

One of the best ways to maximize the advantages offered by a personal loan is to use it to buy assets. Nowadays, it’s easier to purchase assets with the help of the Internet. Some of the profitable assets that you can get are Bitcoin, money sites, videos, eBay listing, collectibles, commodities & ETFs, and online bonds. Before going all-in with one asset, make sure that you’ve done your research. Not all assets are worth your time and money.


Personal Loans Raise Purchasing Power

Inflation is always winning because it causes your purchasing power to ‘shrink.’ There is no general formula to remove inflation, but you can gain temporary respites. Once you’ve applied for a personal loan, there’s a buffer of increased purchasing power. Use this well! Solve any financial dilemma or invest in something. At least, before the first term is up, you’ve managed to use the loan for something that put you in a better financial stance.


Now that you know that personal loans can help you fight inflation, you should consider applying for one. Be careful though – don’t just apply out a whim. Make sure that your application has a specific purpose or strong reason. Also, don’t forget to repay what is due!

4 Borrowers That Will Get More Chances to Be Pre-Approved

Even if many people are getting their loan applications approved, some will have quicker results than others. This is because of the way lenders manage their risks according to loan amount and the borrower’s capability of repayment. Based on numerous studies around the world, there are four types of borrowers that can possibly get a higher chance of approval rate.


Keep in mind that lender judgment will always change depending on many possible factors. Trends will also be included in the equation. So, every borrower profile can still gain varying approval chances.


Office Employees

Modern online lenders offer their loan packages to office employees due to their high chance of repayment. While this is not always the case, the numbers don’t lie. Office employees have constant paychecks and they’re also entitled to other company privileges. Lenders also understand that office employees tend to have extra gadgets on standby; these things can be used to obtain collaterals. Some lenders have also created special loan programs for office employees. These types of loans are more secured and can be repaid over a flexible time period.



Mothers will always think about the safety and wellbeing of their children. Whenever a mother falls in a financial ditch and decides to approach a lender, there’s a big chance that she’ll be pre-approved. Lenders do this not just out of spite but due to a strong sense of community. Mother-specific loans are also common in towns and rural areas. Apparently, lenders also believe that mothers tend to repay their obligations at all costs.


Small Business Owners

To begin with, small business owners already have a reputation in the community. Such reputation is even magnified if the business owner is active in helping people through many ways possible. Most lenders approve small business owners due to a strong sense of responsibility. The logic: if someone can manage a small business and churn out great profits, then he’s probably efficient in financial management. By that factor, the lender can determine the chance that the business owner will pay back the loan for low income.


On-Call Professionals

Just like small business owners, on-call professionals are also in the positive side of lending playbook. The reason? These professionals have a reputation to protect, and they won’t tarnish it for any unpaid loan. Plus, on-call professionals have higher pay scale compared to most employees.


If you’re not included in the high-approval borrower list, don’t lose hope. Simply refine your search so you can find a reasonable lender that won’t be too strict with your profession.

4 Factors that Can Affect Your Personal Loan Application

Even if global personal loan applications have become easier, many borrowers are still getting declined on a regular basis. There are many reasons attributed to such decline rate, and focusing on them will just waste your time. Rather, you should focus on the main factors that can affect your loan application.


What are these factors that you should pay attention to? Read on.


Job or Source of Income


Every time you’ll visit a lender’s website, you’ll be presented with an application form. This is where you must fill up all necessary information. The most important data is your job or source of income. It’s easy to put your employment in the answer box. However, your job can be the primary basis of your application. For example: many freelancers who put ‘freelancer’ in the answer box were declined by lenders. What is the reason for this?  Well, it’s easy to put ‘freelancer’ even though you’re unemployed. So, consider the word ‘freelancer’ as taboo in loan application. To resolve this, you must be specific. Type your real job or income source. If you are self-employed, don’t hesitate to include that.


Credit History


Many personal loan lenders will investigate your credit history. If you have the knack of getting a loan and running off, your application might be declined. Don’t think that you can get away easily! Online lenders have complicated systems that can track down all borrowers. If the system can’t find you, it’s either you have no credit rating or you have a sophisticated system in place. Either way, your application will still be declined. Fixing your credit history can be challenging because you need to bide your time. Negotiate with banks so they can reconsider your credit status.

Personal Reputation


Borrowers think that their social media profiles are safe from the prying eyes of lenders. This is not the case. Online lenders will usually check your Facebook account to see if you’re a habitual spender and loan borrower. Such process acts as a ‘hedge’ of lenders. Habitual spenders tend to neglect their personal finance duties – lenders just can’t take that risk.


Reason for Application


Most online lenders will ask your reason for the application, while others simply don’t care at all. Your reason is a benchmark. Make sure that you input emergency situations because other reasons seem to be clunky.


Do you think you’re on the ‘good side’ of the personal loan factors? Do you think your loan application will be improved? There’s only one way to find out – visit an online lender today and send your application!

3 Ways Parents Can Take Advantage of Personal Cash Loans

The best personal loan singapore have helped thousands of parents around the word to settle their financial dilemmas. All of these loans are offered in different ways, with varying rates and amount brackets. Among the borrowers who benefited from personal cash loans, parents had the greatest advantage. Lenders, for example, offer greater leeway for parents because they are holding a family together.


If you’re a parent and you want to know how cash loans can benefit you, here are some suggestions:


School Emergency Solutions

Once your kids have started schooling, you should expect for different financial situations. It’s either your kids need money for a new project or they need to pay up for tuition. Even if you prepared enough, there are some financial situations that you cannot control. In cases like these, you can try applying for a personal loan. Now, you can solve your kids’ school problems and you have a little extra to save.


Extra Mileage for Groceries

Have you had minor problems with your groceries? It’s very frustrating, right? Groceries are essential for a modern family’s survival. If you miss a week of groceries, your family might starve. Fortunately, local lenders can help you out. A personal loan can be used to stock up a month’s worth of groceries. The remainder of the cash should be saved.


A Little Something for Family Events

Is thanksgiving few days away but your wallet is not yet ready for the feast? Don’t botch the family event with lack of funds. Approach a lender today and start applying for a personal cash loan. Keep in mind that you should apply few weeks ahead of the event date. If the event is a holiday, there’s a big chance that the lender will have a volume of requests.


Creativity can also help you. Instead of buying every ingredient from the grocery, you should try improvising. Many parents have done this and they saved hundreds. Check out Youtube to see how other parents save up while cooking the best meals for family events.


Being a parent is not easy, but you have to be strong for your kids. Let a personal cash loan ease up some of your worries. Just remember to repay the loan on time so there won’t be any problems!

3 Ways to Know if A Payday Lender Can Be Trusted

Payday loans have helped many people deal with their financial issues. They prefer payday loan singapore over bank-issued secured loans because they are easier to secure and there’s no need for harsh requirements. Plus, a regular payday loan process can take only few minutes or an hour. Even though there are many advantages, it’s undeniable that payday loans are used by crooks and shylocks. They prey upon borrowers’ weaknesses, slapping huge interests onto their loans.


How can you avoid untrustworthy payday lenders? What are the signs that you have to watch out for?


Check Online Reviews

Online reviews are quick ways of knowing if the payday lender can be trusted or not. Through these reviews, you’ll know what people think about the specific lender you’re looking for. Online reviews are great neutralizers because they are unbiased and can relay the emotional stance of the reviewer. You probably know the feeling of receiving a bad service, right?


Ask in Social Media or Financial Forums

If there are no reviews about the lender, you should turn to social media. Social media, especially Facebook, speeds up the relay of information by more than 100%. Comments will often be thrown in a lender’s Facebook page. From there, you can make your decision. How many negative comments the lender has?


Another alternative is a financial forum. Not all financial forums are active, so you need to pick one that’s worth your time. In a financial forum, payday lenders are usually put in the spotlight due to their reputation. This can help you in filtering good and bad data about payday lenders.


Review the Lender’s Process

What if you jumped straight to the inquiry process and there’s no ‘outside opinion’ that can help you? This time, you have to rely on yourself. Try observing the lender’s process. If the lender is asking for too much information and the rates are askew, then you have to rethink. Some people may think that you’re paranoid, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Not all payday lenders are crooks, but it pays to be smart and careful. After all, a payday loan can pull you down in a debt quicksand. If you really need to transact with a payday moneylender, make sure that you can apply the strategies discussed!