4 Borrowers That Will Get More Chances to Be Pre-Approved

Even if many people are getting their loan applications approved, some will have quicker results than others. This is because of the way lenders manage their risks according to loan amount and the borrower’s capability of repayment. Based on numerous studies around the world, there are four types of borrowers that can possibly get a higher chance of approval rate.


Keep in mind that lender judgment will always change depending on many possible factors. Trends will also be included in the equation. So, every borrower profile can still gain varying approval chances.


Office Employees

Modern online lenders offer their loan packages to office employees due to their high chance of repayment. While this is not always the case, the numbers don’t lie. Office employees have constant paychecks and they’re also entitled to other company privileges. Lenders also understand that office employees tend to have extra gadgets on standby; these things can be used to obtain collaterals. Some lenders have also created special loan programs for office employees. These types of loans are more secured and can be repaid over a flexible time period.



Mothers will always think about the safety and wellbeing of their children. Whenever a mother falls in a financial ditch and decides to approach a lender, there’s a big chance that she’ll be pre-approved. Lenders do this not just out of spite but due to a strong sense of community. Mother-specific loans are also common in towns and rural areas. Apparently, lenders also believe that mothers tend to repay their obligations at all costs.


Small Business Owners

To begin with, small business owners already have a reputation in the community. Such reputation is even magnified if the business owner is active in helping people through many ways possible. Most lenders approve small business owners due to a strong sense of responsibility. The logic: if someone can manage a small business and churn out great profits, then he’s probably efficient in financial management. By that factor, the lender can determine the chance that the business owner will pay back the loan for low income.


On-Call Professionals

Just like small business owners, on-call professionals are also in the positive side of lending playbook. The reason? These professionals have a reputation to protect, and they won’t tarnish it for any unpaid loan. Plus, on-call professionals have higher pay scale compared to most employees.


If you’re not included in the high-approval borrower list, don’t lose hope. Simply refine your search so you can find a reasonable lender that won’t be too strict with your profession.